Hop House 13 - Taster Campaign

Liquid on lips sampling campaign that disrupts by showing up in ways that are refreshingly unusual for a lager, with “superior taste” being communicated by “More hops. More taste”. The campaign idea uses common lager language captured in a simple way to grab drinkers attention on-route to the bar. When lager drinkers try HH13 ‘half are sold on it’s taste’.

Hop House 13 - Head 2 Head Challenge

Hop House 13 like to challenge other lagers on taste. We’re going to physically put HH13 Head 2 Head with the competition and invite a taste comparison. We know that world lagers have a massive scale but taste similar.

Hop House 13 - Taste Challenge

Our mission is to get liquid on lips, we know when lager drinkers try HH13 for the first time that half are sold on taste.

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