Morrisons - The Emotion Cookbook

An online amplification of ‘Morrisons Makes it’. As a continuation of this idea the Emotion Cookbook will allow customers to search and share meals based on emotions and then buy the ingredients online or in store. Unlike traditional sites, which put food at the forefront, we’ll emphasise the emotion each recipe brings. Photography styling is simple and uncomplicated and propped so not to detract from the food.

In-store & POS

The retail calendar is punctuated by seasonal events like Valantines Day and Mothers Day which are very important to Morrisons. Below are two examples of POS and in-store work that I created to highlight these events in-store.

Art Direction & Photography

‘Morrisons makes it’ They actually make more fresh food in-store than any other supermarket in Britain. Over 18 months I art directed a new more hand-on approach to photography from piping, chopping to baking delicious fresh food.

Morrisons TV

I shot and Art directed over 100 brand and retail TV spots which reaffirmed that Morrisons made and sold fresh food at great value. The campaign was well branded and stood out in an over cluttered retail market place.

Morrisons Wine - Press

I created a campaign to promote Morrisons wine and to make customers aware of the range of quality wines, Prosecco’s and champagnes on offer.

Recent Portfolios