Lay’s Face-Shaping Championships

We’re taking the age old art of pulling faces to the highest (and funniest) level ever with a European wide competition that will unearth Europe’s funniest family face shapes!

The laughter and silly fun we share with our kids builds our connection to one another and gives us a much-needed break from routine, responsibility and alleviates everyday stress.
So let’s give LOL Families a simple and accessible way to celebrate and share their fun-loving side.


Lay’s Ultimate Mixups Ft Mix Master Bugle

Can the world’s biggest music-mixer successfully transition into a career in snack-mixing?
To spearhead our campaign into the heart of popular culture, we will create our very own Instagram star and Lay’s celebrity – Mix-Master Bugle. Previously known for his chart topping music career, Bugle shocked the world by announcing his retirement from music mixing to focus on his new-found talent for snack-mixing… and he is taking the snacking world by storm with a range of innovative recipes. Like him or love him, his mix-ups are unexpectedly and undeniably irresistible and are inspiring a wave of amateur snack-mixers from around the globe!

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